Why you should disinfect your bathroom regularly?

It doesn’t matter how our bathroom looks like if it smells bad. As beautiful as it is for selfies and poses in front of the mirror, there is something we could not ignore, disinfection in the bathroom is very important thing in the cleaning. Before you get embarrassed, we will tell you that this is common and not specific to your bathroom.

There are many factors, but the most common reasons for the appearance of unpleasant odors in the bathroom are clogged ducts, the trash can, moisture and mold, poor ventilation, even improperly installed siphon. Whatever the reason, we are all seeking salvation from this tragedy.

  • Regularly clean the channels in the bathroom (at least once a month)

There are places on the pipes where the water does not drain but stagnates in one place. This in turn creates excellent living conditions for bacteria and molds. It may surprise you, but the most common cause of the smell is precisely the pressure on the pipes. Stagnant water and traces of waste materials create a layer that can clog the pipes completely. That is why we advise you to preventively clean the channels with the appropriate pipe cleaners. Do not forget to remove the debris collected on the siphon grate and in the siphon itself after bathing – this will protect the pipes from clogging and save you a lot of trouble. If the odor comes from the siphon and the above tips do not work, then the siphon is certainly not suitable or not installed properly. Do not save money on a quality siphon for the bathroom.

  • Ventilate the room well daily

Mold and moisture as a source of bad odor are not inferior to clogged ducts. Poor ventilation in many cases leads to the appearance of mold, and it is difficult to control. In case you do not have a window, you can simply invest in a good and reliable bathroom fan to avoid the heavy and suffocating smell. Be sure to leave the fan on for a while after you finish bathing.

Recommendation: Dry the bath after bathing. This will prevent the appearance of mold and will help you with cleaning.

  • Wash the waste bin every week

Even if it is empty, used once, the bin collects unpleasant odors and emits even more unpleasant ones. Dispose of garbage regularly by placing bags in the bucket itself for easier and more hygienic removal. Soak the bin in bleach or other strong disinfectant. Better to smell like a hospital than a toilet, right?

Bonus tip: If you put your toothbrushes in a closed cup, a layer appears on the bottom over time, which is formed by moisture and emits an unpleasant odor. Clean and dry the cup regularly.

  • Thoroughly disinfect the toilet bowl every week

Yes, you probably do, and you even have flavoring on your plate. BUT the toilet smells not only inside, but also outside. Lift and wash thoroughly both the lid and the seat of the toilet bowl and the back from which the pipes come out. Use a hard bristle toothbrush so you can reach all the edges where the smell is hidden.

Remember: Clean the cistern before algae appears in it.

To do this, drop it completely once a month and clean the inside.

  • Clean the faucet, shower, fan and cabinets regularly

Limestone collects around the shower and the faucet, which threatens these otherwise shiny elements in our bathroom. Clean well around the taps and the accessories themselves. However, most of the layer of moisture collects around the fan and bathroom furniture – you can easily notice the yellowish-brown stain, especially on white. Thoroughly clean and dry the bathroom furniture at least three times a month.

Despite all the advice, we recommend that you turn to professional cleaning and disinfection of the stain to ensure the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

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