professional cleaning services for your office

Why should you have professional cleaning services for your office?

Professional cleaning services for your office!

Keeping a neat and tidy work environment in your office is crucial for the overall satisfaction of the employees. Setting up a regular cleaning basis might significantly improve productivity. Especially in times of pandemic, people are more cautious about cleanliness because it is directly related to their health and safety.

Maintaining a healthy and clean workplace will contribute to the productivity of the employees, because people tend to be more balanced and focused in their work when there are less distractions in the surroundings. Disorganized environment and too many displaced items interrupt the harmony of the premises and create a disorganized working culture as well. It also stimulates a positive attitude and a sense of belonging to the positive environment.

A lot of people suffer from work-related stress, anxiety and mental overwhelming. So maintaining a pleasant and clean workplace might positively contribute to their mental well-being. Moreover, cleanliness (as mentioned) is also directly related to physical health, as it lowers the risks of contamination from different viruses, germs and bacteria. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, employers are encouraged to organize regular scheduled cleaning to break the transmission cycle of the virus.

The first impression is always important. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the first time you welcome a new client or a new employee to the office. If it is tidy and neat, the person would feel much more comfortable in the surroundings rather than if it is messy and dirty. The conclusions your clients or new employees would make based on the appearance of the office, might be crucial for the further development of the business relationship and its outcome.

How to book a regular office cleaning?

Find a professional company with proven experience to do the job. Book in advance scheduled office cleaning, so that you know that someone will regularly take care of it. Just in a few clicks, after choosing the most appropriate type of service, a professional and experienced housekeeper will be assigned to you and will take care of the job. There are options for advanced booking on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Like this you will be ensured that the cleaning routine of your office would not be interrupted. And you won’t be bothered to book it every week…

The regular office cleaning includes servicing all floors, surfaces, windows, bathrooms, bins and even resupplying toiletries where necessary.

Additionally, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we advise that you create a cleaning schedule between all employees, to ensure that frequently touched surfaces such as elevator buttons, phones, PDQ machines, door handles, etc. are regularly sanitized. For example, you can schedule 8 employees for an 8-hour working day to do once every hour a sanitising of the above mentioned surfaces. Like this, the team will altogether contribute to the overall health and safety of the colleagues.

Create a comfortable work atmosphere and boost your employees’ energy by providing a professionally maintained, healthy and positive workplace. Forget about unpleasant duties like dusting or picking up the trash after work. There are people available to take these duties off your shoulders, so you focus on your job. 

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