What do you have to go through to thoroughly clean your home? It’s summer, do you have time for that?

On average, we spend at least 1/3 of our life in our home, whether it is accommodation, own home, hereditary, etc. And in order to have a full and pleasant time in our home, we must take care of it, but through what should go for basic home cleaning?

Cleaning the floor, surfaces, windows, curtains, mattresses, sofa, bathroom, appliances, etc. Do we have time for this, especially in the summer and should we not trust a professional?

Summer implies more walks, breaks, taking care of ourselves and others, because the bright part of the day is longer, the weather is more favorable and lifts our spirits and mood, which does not mean that we have to leave our home uncleaned. It is at such a time that you can rely on us for basic home cleaning, as you will save time, money and resources for cleaning.

Just imagine each different detergent that is needed for basic cleaning of the home – for the floor (laminate, terracotta), for windows, for surfaces, bathroom, oven, etc. Of great importance are also the appliances with which you clean, because as for each material a different detergent is used, as well as a different appliance – a towel, a mop, etc. And no matter how much we are used to some regular cleaning that has entered our daily lives, it remains the big question mark for cleaning upholstered furniture, blinds, curtains, etc., which definitely take much more time and require professional intervention, for which we are absolutely prepared.

In psychology and Eastern philosophy, it is accepted that orderliness and cleanliness in the home affect the spiritual one, which confirms the maxim that you are what you are surrounded by.

But in addition to rising temperatures, plans for vacations, holidays, more frequent outings late, gatherings with family and friends, pleasant walks, etc. Do we really have time for a thorough cleaning of the home?

Nowadays it is much easier and more affordable professional cleaning of the home, because with us the ratio between price and quality is more than good, and it is not necessary to get patented gloves and masks, as there are detergents that require it. , and can not be missed in the basic cleaning of the home.

It is normal to be away from home more in the summer, the upholstered furniture remains uncleaned, windows, curtains and everything is waiting for you, but not now, we are here to clean your home to shine.

The main cleaning, in addition to the above, includes cleaning the kitchen – sink, appliances – stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, extractor and other appliances, kitchen counter, kitchenette, lighting fixtures, trash cans, etc.

The cleaning of the bathroom includes a shower cabin, faience, terracotta tiles, joints, mirrors, sinks, toilet bowls, bathrooms, etc.

The main cleaning of the home also occurs after repairs – major repairs or refreshing repairs. Every home needs maintenance. Over time, the furniture wears out, the color of the walls darkens, and the windows become obsolete. The natural step is a major or refreshing repair. And every experienced homeowner knows about the consequences of renovations for the cleanliness of the home – pieces of concrete on the floor, paint on the windows and dust throughout the house are just some of them. A little dirty hell! We will help you turn your home after a major renovation into a small paradise!

The advantages that we can offer you in basic home cleaning are not only professional attitude on our part. We work with the most modern cleaning equipment, with professional detergents and disinfectants that are gentle on both you and your home, but what we stand out and are proud of is the high quality of the services we offer.

Do you book your basic home cleaning in the summer?

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