Security with installation of intelligent locks

Installation of intelligent locks

Intelligent locking, a form of keyless door locking, has become a big part of the smart home movement. It is seen as an integral part of the intelligent home security system.

But what is a keyless lock and how do they work? As the name suggests, the intelligent lock is an electronic lock that uses a fingerprint or password, a smart card, a remote control to unlock the door.

One of the best features of smart locks is that you can send a temporary password to people by giving them access to your home with a mechanical key.

It’s perfect if you need a friend or relative to show up and feed the cat while you’re away – just send them a password as a key and they’ll be able to use the temporary password to open the lock. Once you return, you can invalidate the password. Your choice of system can be dictated by several factors, including the most important – the price.

Cartridge locks are a classic method of locking, but do not provide the necessary security in modern life. Increasingly, they are being replaced by modern electric door locks, which are replacing the classic key with a much more efficient, multi-point lock. It is usually combined with an additional access control system, and in some cases with video surveillance, which provide the highest level of security that the locking device can provide.

The electric lock is a device with several types of control and installation. The version with mechanical elements is driven by a slight force, while the magnetic lock has a discreetly hidden installation in the windows, for the drive of which a slight force is used. The main feature of electric locking mechanisms is the separation of the large metal plate from the lock, called a reader.

Intelligent locks – Electronic key

The reader in question moves and is replaced completely independently by the mounting plate. It is activated in several ways and one is through an electronic key with a unique code, and with such a single element it is possible to unlock more than one door. All electronic keys are made according to the model of one main key, whose parameters are stored in a special database.

Contactless readers are often equipped with an LED indicator. It assists service, informs about the condition of the lock and is activated in emergency situations. The system allows connection with intelligent control, remote control and extremely high safety – even if the mechanical locking device breaks, the front door does not open.

Electromagnetic locks

Intelligent locks – They come in two variants, one of which is locked by a long steel spike (bolt), and the other closes due to the action of a magnet. Electric current drives both options, and an open button is usually placed on the inside.

The electromagnetic model stands out with its two separate mechanisms placed in the frame and the wing. The installation is visible and functions effectively even in the absence of a lock, and the lack of mechanical details ensures a very long service life. Electric locking systems are a product of high-quality stainless steel or aluminum with galvanized / chrome surface. In addition to exceptional security, their presence guarantees an extremely long service life. The built-in sensors and LED indicators are an additional facilitating control that informs about each position of the door.

This type of locks is a purchase that is worth the investment. They provide much more effective protection than standard cartridge mechanisms, are suitable for installation on any type of door and their presence is increasingly observed not only on residential but also administrative business buildings.

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