Moving to a new home, how to organize the move of the home?

Moving to a new home is a real-life experience – as exciting as it is stressful. However, with a few preconceived steps, moving to a new home can be smoother, easier and more enjoyable.

How to organize the process of moving to a new home? First, pay attention to the two main activities when changing the home – packing the inventory from the old and preparing to live in the new.

Relocation is usually a pre-planned event, so you can start packing as soon as the decision is made and before you have even found a suitable new home. The earlier you start the export process, the calmer you will be at the end.

  • Get rid of unnecessary things

Under superfluous things understand everything that you have never used or that should be thrown away. This includes those items that you just no longer want in your home, but for some reason you have kept in the bottom of a closet. Focus on a room for a period of time and clear it to the brim. When you move to a new home, you’ll probably find a lot of things you’ve just kept out of habit for years (trinkets you don’t like, sets you’ve never used, grown-up toys). If you do not want to throw them away, donate them to a home for children deprived of parental care or to another social institution. Be sure that your luggage for moving will be significantly reduced.

  • Clean and pack

The best thing to do is to combine the cleaning of the individual rooms of unnecessary items with the packaging of the others that you plan to keep. Of course, these are the ones you won’t have to use before moving to your new home (photo albums, books, old notebooks and documents, clothes for the past season). Seal each box tightly and label it to make it easier to navigate when unpacking. As the number of sealed boxes will increase in the next few weeks, choose a convenient place to sort them from the beginning (preferably near the front door). Do not leave them scattered throughout the home, because this will create additional chaos. But do not move them to the new home, as it also needs a little preparation.

  • Prepare the new home

Okay, you’ve already chosen your new home. If you are its first inhabitants, it is easy – only some cosmetic procedures should be done before your final application. But if people have already lived there, it will probably need more major repairs.

Pay attention to electrical switches and sockets, cabinets and appliances, whether they are yours or “inherited” from the home. Take a walk around the premises and imagine the location of the furniture. After you have carefully packed them for a few weeks, your idea of ​​how you want to arrange your home will be much clearer.

Install a reliable security system and install a solid front door. Replace the lock because you don’t know who the people before you gave the key to. Seal the windows, inspect the windows, if you have the opportunity to make external insulation. Consider the methods of moving to a new home heating and cooling, as well as energy savings during the seasons with intensive electricity consumption.

Consider the floor covering and save re-moving the furniture after application. If you decide to install underfloor heating, does it while the rooms are still empty. To avoid scratching the surface when importing bulkier items, cover it with bedding and nylon. Now is the time to apply a few tricks for professional (re-) painting of the walls, without worrying that you will stain the furniture. Plan a few days specifically for this activity. Think about the colours in the interior design and the tonalities with which to bring freshness and variety to each room.

Do not give up the magic of home lighting and mirrors. Consult the ideas for a modern home and interpret them according to your own understanding of style. Make moving to your new home a pleasant experience by using professionals with years of experience and high quality and proven services like us.

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