How to remove makeup from the carpet?

Makeup is designed to withstand water, so it does not wash off during our daily tasks and sweating. This waterproof function in some make-up makes it difficult to remove from your furniture, clothes and especially carpets. While some of the makeup that is powdery can be vacuumed, the rest will need to be cleaned from the carpet.

Here are some helpful tips on how to clean makeup stains on your carpet.

You will need:

Vacuum with attachments – vacuum cleaner, cleaning robot, etc.

Hair spray

Alcohol with a high degree

Mild soap or detergent


Soft towels


Steps to remove makeup:

Start by vacuuming as much of the makeup powder as possible.

For the rest of the makeup, you will need to apply soap or stain remover to free it from the fibers of the carpet.

Mix a small amount of soap or detergent in a bucket full of warm water.

Moisten a clean, soft cloth with a mixture of soap and water and gently smear on the area stained with makeup.

As you smudge, you should begin to see the makeup transfer onto the towel.

Continue smearing, switching periodically to a fresh piece of cloth until the makeup is removed or is no longer completely transferred to the towel.

If there is still any makeup on the carpet, spray it with hairspray or smear it with a towel dampened with a high degree of alcohol.

Continue smearing until the stain is removed or transferred to the towel.

Rinse the area by wiping with a clean cloth dampened with clean warm water.

Allow the area to dry completely.

If stains remain after the carpet dries, repeat the procedures described above.

Additional tips and ideas

Always soak when cleaning the carpet. Rubbing or cleaning the carpet will only push the stain down and make it easier to remove.

If you still need assistance, our team of specialists has special knowledge, experience and makeup removers that can be applied directly to the carpet.

For additional ideas and tips for removing stains from carpets you can contact us. We can remove even the most stubborn stains in your home, restoring your sense of frequency and comfort.

It is better to vacuum the carpets, and if they need to be refreshed – to wash them with a wet brush or a vacuum cleaner that has a washing program. Even if you do not move it from its place, washed in this way in the summer, the carpet will dry quickly in the heat.

A good way to freshen carpets is to wipe them with a cloth soaked in vinegar solution (drip a little vinegar into the bucket of water, soak the towel, squeeze and wipe the carpet).

Car owners have many more options for washing carpets. Even if you don’t have your own car, you will still find a good friend with a car to help you wash the carpets somewhere out of town:

You can wash the carpet in a car wash – a quick, easy and convenient way for a large part of the urban population.

Refresh the carpet in the winter – of course summer is not the only time to wash carpets. You can also refresh your carpets in the winter by laying them on the front side in thick, fluffy snow and pounding them. You just have to be careful not to lay them in wet snow. Then brush them with a soft brush.

And for the summer months it is best to remove the thick carpets to make us more spacious and cool at home. Of course, we can only do this if we have enough space to store it. Let’s not forget that the carpets are rolled up and not folded as we think – of course, in case we want to have a nice and usable carpet again.

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