How to remove animal hair from upholstered furniture

How to remove animal hair from upholstered furniture?

If you have chosen a pet other than a sphinx cat or a naked rat, you will have pet fur in your home and on your clothes. You can usually identify a pet lover and the color of their pet by the hair clinging to their clothes.

The first step to reducing pet hair on clothes is to prevent excessive shedding by your pet. There is a lot of information on how to prevent shedding from cats and dogs. You can also choose breeds that are less prone to shedding.

Easily remove pet fur from clothes:

Reduce static adhesion to clothing by using an antistatic spray on clothing to loosen hair and facilitate removal with a brush or roller.

Place the fur-covered dryer in a clothes dryer on a low heat cycle as a permanent press with a few wet microfiber towels (the hair will stick to the microfiber towels) and shake until slightly damp. Take the clothes out of the dryer and use a clothes brush or a sticky hair roller to remove the remaining hair.

If you have woolen clothes that are covered with fur, use a clothes steamer or hang them in a steam bath before using the clothes brush. Humidity will help the fibers to relax and release the pet’s hair, making it easier to clean.

The sticky clothes roller is often best suited for removing pet hair. If you don’t have one (or can’t find one), use strong wrapping tape wrapped around your arm with the sticky side out.

If you do not have a roller or clothes brush, look for some dishwashing gloves under the kitchen sink. If you slightly moisten them and rub them on your clothes, the statics that the texture of the palms create will make the stray hairs stick to the gloves. Once covered with hair, give them a rinse and start again.

When you need to clean upholstered furniture at home, the first step is to always vacuum the entire upholstery. This is done so that you can remove the dust and solid dirt accumulated in the filling and in the fabric. Vacuuming is not always enough to get rid of the annoying fur that sticks to the chairs and sofa.

Here are 3 suggestions for easy cleaning of upholstery from cat and dog hair.

  • If you need to quickly and efficiently clean the chairs or sofa from hair, and you do not have a special device at hand, you can try the following trick – just take a long piece of tape and wrap it around your palm with the sticky side out. Carefully go over the upholstery with light, tapping movements – all the hairs will stick to the “glove”. It is best to use duct tape, as it is strong enough to pick up hair, hips and fluff, but without leaving stains of glue on the fabric.
  • This is a simple but very effective method of removing long hair from upholstered furniture at home. Take a clean towel, moisten it very lightly and carefully run it over the upholstery. Then, using a stiff bristle brush, carefully gather the pile of hair that has not been able to stick to the towel. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove piles of hair from upholstered furniture.
  • Believe it or not, the eraser is your best friend when you have to clean the short hairs that are most stubbornly tucked into the fabric. Everything rubber will do a great job – household cleaning gloves, latex gloves or even a rubber window cleaner.
  • Run a dry rubber glove (or windshield wiper) over the upholstery – any jammed hairs will be pulled out of the fabric, then vacuumed. The use of rubber gloves is especially convenient when you need to remove fur from hard-to-reach places on the furniture – the folds of the sofa, the corners of the chair, the sets around the decorative elements.

If you fail on your own and need professional help in cleaning upholstered furniture, you can count on us.

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