How to remove a broken key from the lock, quickly and easily

How to remove a broken key from the lock, quickly and easily!

Sometimes, at the most unexpected and inconvenient moment, you may experience such a nuisance as a broken key in the lock. Almost no one is insured against this, regardless of the locking mechanism on his door, be it an expensive high-quality brand or a budget model. Of course, if the key is stuck in the lock, then the simplest and correct solution would be to contact a specialist who can quickly remove it, but there are often situations when you do not have the opportunity to call professionals.

In this case, you can try to retrieve the key yourself using our tips.

There may be several reasons why the key is stuck in the door lock, these are:

  • Damaged key. Using the key for other purposes like opening bottles, using a screwdriver, etc. can deform it, which will block the locking mechanism.
  • Key with poor quality. Excessive torque will change the geometry of a key made of poor-quality materials or inaccurate duplicate.
  • The lock is not lubricated, the mechanism works in conditions of high humidity. Corrosion will quickly enter and deactivate the locking mechanism.

We will now look at different options if the key gets stuck in the door lock and breaks during the removal process.

  • Pliers or tweezers. But this is possible if a piece of the key appears on the lock that you can grab.
  • Powerful magnet. It can work if the key is made of high-quality metal. -Mosaic file. You need to break off the fixing tip, lead it along the rod and turn it with your teeth to the fragment and pull it towards you.
  • In any case, if the key is stuck in the lock, even if it is successfully removed, the mechanism must be replaced to prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

If none of the above has helped you, we recommend that you consider a few more ways to remove the key from the door lock. To do this, you need a set of tools and accessories:

  1. Мosaic file
  2. Тhin steel wire
  3. Super glue
  • The jigsaw must be inserted into the lock with the teeth facing up. Then carefully turn the file in each direction – the most important thing is that the teeth bend the piece. As soon as you feel that it is firmly attached to the rest of the key, slowly pull it towards you by removing the key from the hole.
  • Not everyone, however, has a jigsaw file, but it is not a problem to find a thin steel wire. Carefully insert it into the hole and try to hook the piece by gradually pulling it out of the hole.
  • Now let’s move on to how to remove the key from the door lock with super glue. The method is quite original, but it takes a little time. Apply glue to the head of the key, which is still in your hand, and press it to the debris stuck in the hole. Fix the head and support for a while until the glue hardens. Its strength will be sufficient to remove the fragment, but it is not recommended using the glued key in the future. This method is quite difficult as it requires increased attention and accuracy.

The slightest inattention can lead to the fact that the lock will be coated with glue and the locking mechanism will have to be replaced. If you still have difficulty with the methods described above, you can rely on the professionals from 1Brand Services.