How to motivate a man to help with household chores?

Research shows that marriages are more successful and happier if both spouses share household chores evenly. Despite this research, and despite all the emancipation, most of the homework is falling apart.

Distribution of household responsibilities does not exist in many families. Between work, children and social commitments, housework usually remains for one family member – the woman. After a while, most women are affected by this, especially if they go to work during the day. Thus, household chores become like a second job.

In order to avoid serious problems in the marriage, arising from the fact that only the gentle half is burdened with the whole household, it is necessary to create an action plan. It will not only motivate your husband to help at home but will also create balance in the family.

Clearly define what needs to be done at home

Some men really have no idea how to do their homework properly. So it is best to show them how you want an activity to be performed.

Encouragement, but not rebuke.

You often do not notice how you kill your husband’s desire to help you at home, because instead of encouraging him for the work done, you start criticizing him for not doing this or that properly. Therefore, decide whether you want to do everything yourself, or you will close your eyes to his minor shortcomings in the performance of household duties.


If your husband prefers housework, give him a choice.

Time distribution

If you manage to distribute homework during the week, then you and your husband will have more time on the weekends. And maybe then he will be able to help you more at home, because he will have an incentive to mark a lot more homework during the week – after all, we are talking about a whole free weekend.

Try to forget about homework from time to time

At least once a month, spend the evening together, just the two of you, as you did before you had children and home care. This will help you maintain your emotional closeness, because if it disappears, the woman begins to focus on her homework, and hence on the lack of help from her husband, which leads to even greater emotional distance between both.

Hire a housekeeper

If your means allow, you can avoid this problem by hiring a maid or buying suitable household appliances, such as a dishwasher.

Always consider in advance what is appropriate to ask the man. Don’t do housework just so he doesn’t lose his job. Do not turn him into a maid but make housework something that connects you as partners.

Show the man the importance of his help. Before you accuse a man of not helping you in the household, think about how it is in his family – did his father or he help his mother? If your husband has not seen such help since he was a child, it will be impossible for him to appreciate your efforts and you must be very patient.

Make it comfortable for both of you. If he is not irritated by the accumulated clothes, then you do not strain unnecessarily and fix them when you have the opportunity. After all, family life is not just about housework.

Be happy, enjoy life, and if you need help with housework, you can count on our professionals.

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