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How to disinfect at home and keep bacteria away from us?

Good hygiene and regular disinfection at home not only guarantees health at home, but also contributes to the health of society as a whole.

Many people do not distinguish between cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning is the removal of germs or dirt from the surface, but this does not kill pathogens, and still reduces to some extent the spread of infection. Disinfection, on the other hand, is the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. We will also show the differences:

Cleaning: Vacuuming, washing floors, wiping surfaces, dusting, etc.

Professional disinfection: The use of disinfectants on surfaces with which we have frequent direct contact such as door handles, windows, cabinets, light switches, remotes, toilets, desks, chairs, sinks and countertops, keys, telephones, white and black appliances and others.

Unfortunately, when we talk about destroying pathogens of dangerous viruses, such as Covid 19, environmental products are not as effective as “household chemicals”. The most effective natural way to disinfect your home is to clean with a steam cleaner, but not everyone has one, so you can count on us for professional home disinfection.

• Detergents that contain bleach

• Preparations containing ethanol alcohol / alcohol

Other ways to keep germs away from home

• Leave “dirty” things by the door. Minimize the entry of pathogens into your home by taking off your shoes and keeping them in the hallway, or even in the garage. Although the transmission of the virus through shoes is not common, we can carry other nasty bacteria, germs and dirt in the home. Remember that purses, bags, backpacks, or other items we use outdoors may have been in contact with a contaminated area or touched with dirty hands. Therefore, it is good that they also remain in the hallway – do not place them on kitchen countertops, on the dining table, or near recreation areas – coffee tables, sofas, beds, which definitely also need professional disinfection, and as much difficult to sound, we can disinfect even these parts of the home.

• Disinfection of small objects that we often hold in our hands. Here we remind you that it is not enough to wash the door handle and hands if we then use a mobile phone that was outside with us. Keys and locks must also be disinfected daily, or included in professional home disinfection.

• Change your clothes. If you’ve been outside, no matter what you’ve been doing, be sure to change into clean home clothes. Put the clothes you go out to wash, or at least take them out on the terrace or in the yard in direct sunlight for a few hours. Outerwear may not always be washed every day, but ultraviolet rays will deal with germs.

• Leave hand sanitizer near the door. In addition to frequent cleaning of the front door handle, it is good not to touch it with dirty hands. Leaving a bottle of disinfectant and using it every time you enter will significantly reduce the germs you miss in your home. However, it is important to use a product that contains at least 60% alcohol, and we are well aware of the unpleasant effect on the skin that disinfectants leave, so you can trust professional home disinfection, as we work with high quality disinfectants and protective means of using them so that immediately after disinfection you and your loved ones can enter your home.

We continue to work and assist in cleaning and professional disinfection of your home.

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