How to clean windows at home. Useful tips for a better result.

How to clean windows at home.

Have you ever spent a lot of time diligently cleaning windows to find that there are more stains than before you started cleaning them?

Despite our best wishes and efforts, this grease and traces of window cleaning can be difficult to remove, so you are not alone if you are wondering how to clean windows without stains and unpleasant traces.

If you do not have the opportunity to afford a person to assist you with the housework, or it gives you satisfaction and distracts you from the busy everyday life, here are some useful tips for achieving perfectly clean windows.

What to use for window cleaning, how to wash windows that are particularly greasy – these are our five-step guide with handy window cleaning tips and tricks on how to shine your windows at any time.

Cleaning windows is one of those tasks that is often overlooked. But even a little dirt can obscure the light that enters your home, so try to achieve overall cleanliness inside and out several times a year and more if you live on a busy road or in a big city.

There are people for whom cleansing is a life-affirming ritual, the frequent repetition of which brings pleasure and enjoyment. Those who just love to be clean, but are not necessarily fans of the action leading to this effect, should consider all the details before starting work. The goal is one: to keep the windows in good condition for as long as possible. Here are some general guidelines to look out for:

  • The first thing is to gather your helpers. The more hands you have, the more fun and faster it is. Then assemble your equipment.
  • With a rag on a long handle, clean around the windows on the outside of the building in which you live. The less dirt there is near the glass you are about to wash, the slower the time will come for their next cleaning.
  • Carefully, using a stronger detergent than glass, wash the window frames – outside and inside. Do the same with skirting boards and cornices.
  • Mosquito nets must be removed and washed in the shower, abundantly soaped with detergent, soap, shampoo or whatever you choose.
  • For longer lasting cleaning results, use an antistatic spray. It will reduce the rate at which dirty particles stick back to the washed glass.
  • Reduce or stop smoking near windows. Tobacco smoke, in addition to harming you, is not good for washed glass. Seemingly unnoticed, the dirt sticking to them increases at a faster rate.
  • If you have air conditioners, change their filters regularly. Otherwise, you create another risk factor in front of the long-lasting shine of the washed windows.
  • The best way to clean striped windows is to choose a cloudy day, as direct sunlight dries your windows too quickly, leaving stains behind. Prepare each window before you begin by assembling the curtains or removing the blinds and removing all objects from the windowsill. Then take a dry brush and clean around the corners of the window frame and furniture in front of the windows, completely removing dust and other contaminants.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe off any obvious greasy markings or fingerprints before throwing them in the trash. The paper towel is preferable at this stage, as it will avoid the transfer of grease to another type of towel or sponge, which can spread to other parts of the window.
  • Then clean the windowsill before using a sponge and warm soapy water or window cleaning spray to remove dirt. Remove excess water with a rubber band, starting at the top of the window and going down in an “S” shape for best results. Rinse the tire in a container of clean water and be sure to wipe it with a paper towel to avoid returning dirt to the window.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove the remaining cleaning solution from the window. Work in small circles from the top of the window down until all the glass is clear. Also wipe the frame and under the windowsill to remove any dirt that may have dripped while cleaning the windows before wiping completely with a paper towel.
  • If you are looking for natural window cleaners, solutions such as vinegar and lemon juice can also help remove streaks from windows. Add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice to the bowl of water and dip the towel in the solution before wiping the window.
  • Following these tips, you will use the best way to clean windows without streaks. Use a microfiber cloth to get a sunny finish.

Now that you know how to clean striped windows, your windows will shine when the sun rises, and your home will be a little brighter.

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