Germs and bacteria in the mattress.

Germs and bacteria in the mattress. How to protect yourself?

Germs and bacteria in the mattress!

It is perfectly normal for the mattress that cleaning of it is not always a part of the daily and weekly cleaning of the home. At the very least, our mattress is almost always covered with a sheet or protector, and we rarely focus on it. Not infrequently we notice stains, graying and wear of the mattress, and we have often wondered which is the most effective option for cleaning it . We can offer an efficient stain removal and professional desinfection against germs. In fact, our bed is our fortress, the place where we rest, enjoy a new book and a good night’s sleep. This is the place where we feel most at ease, and it must remain so. We often choose quality bed linen that contributes to the comfort of the bedroom, but do we think about what lies beneath it?

We will briefly describe what we are missing. You can keep your mattress in good condition, you have found an option in which you can clean it, but frankly washing a mattress at home is time consuming, not so effective, so there comes a time when you need mattress cleaning service and efficient stain removal and professional desinfection against germs.

If every usable mattress is looked at under a microscope, we will all be shocked by what we see, as it is very likely that upholstered furniture has hosted countless bacteria, mites, spiders and even bed bugs. Also, the mattress often has normal and permissible stains from operation, as one mattress is used for an average of at least 15 years. And since this is a long time, it is completely normal to think about how we can refresh it, prolong its life while maintaining its coziness and comfort, and we know how to remove the stains.

The less pleasant things we can find on our upholstered furniture will be described below as follows:

Dust mites are tiny living organisms that are not visible to the naked eye, living mainly in mattresses, pillows, rugs and curtains – things from home that are difficult to wash.

Mites, arachnids and bedbugs love moisture and heat, finding everything they need for their existence in a comfortable bedroom.

All these organisms are a prerequisite for the appearance of rashes, allergies and discomfort.

Given the above, you probably no longer look at your mattress with the same eyes and would like to clean it in depth, you can count on us for mattress cleaning service, efficient stain removal and professional desinfection against germs.

We briefly present the benefits of professional cleaning and refreshing of upholstered furniture and the entire bedroom:

Prevention of allergies.

In the not so clean world we live in, we cannot afford to encourage the formation of dust allergies simply out of ignorance. Mites are found mainly in mattresses and it is important to make sure that it is well cleaned. By reducing the contact with allergens, we provide prevention of allergies, rhinitis, rash, etc.

Clean mattress and cleaner air in the bedroom – without germs.

Spending an average of 8 hours of sleep a day, this is 1/3 of our entire life. Poor air quality is a cause of healthy discomfort such as inflammation of the eyes, throat, fatigue and more. After thorough and regular cleaning, you will find the differences in the air yourself.

Restful sleep.

Sleeping on a clean mattress is like sleeping on a brand new one and it will certainly break your sleep quality, which is the reason for better physical and mental health, which in turn makes us start the day in tone and mood.

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