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Feng Shui at home – simple ideas for harmonious home

Simple ideas for harmonious home!

Feng Shui is an ancient oriental art of arranging the items of your living space in a particular order to reach ultimate energy balance. Following the Chinese lifestyle hacks, you can expect to live a more balanced and energetic life.

Start with the living room, where you usually would spend most of your time with the whole family, and will also welcome your guests and friends. If you have a sofa, make sure to position it attached to a wall, because this gives a great sense of comfort and stability, as you have something to lean on practically and metaphorically.

Feng Shui at home – Natural light

Natural light is very important for the sense of good energy in the space, so living rooms are usually designed and constructed with a good amount of windows. Blackout curtains are not suitable, rather very light in colour and texture would be most appropriate for the living room. Also, beige, white or other light pastel colours are advisable for the furniture, because they will reflect on the light and give the room additional glow.

Feng Shui suggests that you choose furniture with light design, because heavy tables or sofas give the sense of pressure and intensity in the room. Do not overcrowd the living room with unnecessary “decorations” or items you barely use. Avoid positioning chaotically items around the room without any particular order, because this interrupts the energy balance of the space.

Feng Shui at home – Five elements of energy

Include in the interior design the five elements of energy: fire, water, earth, metal and wood.  A little element of each in the room brings the ultimate energy harmony. You can choose metal details of the wooden furniture, small water fountain, scented candles, wall decoration from Scandinavian moss, pieces of crystals or rocks, etc. For example, in the kitchen you already have the elements of fire and water, so to complete the fiver, you can use earthy and airy colour tones with wooden details.

When it comes to the bathroom, the element of water already has a great presence, so to balance it, Feng Shui suggests that you use earthy tiles on the floor and bring in some freshness with small plants or wooden elements. Most of the items in the bathroom are artificial and the natural light is limited, so by including all five energy elements, you guarantee harmonious and relaxing bathing space.

We all love to see ourselves in the mirror, but too many mirrors placed in the inappropriate location might interrupt the flow of positive energy in our home. To begin with, do not place a mirror right across the front door of the apartment, because according to Feng Shui, the positive energy that comes in might reflect into the mirror and get immediately out. Mirrors in the bedroom must be limited because that area should be calm and comforting, and too many mirrors might overwhelm the mind with the continuously moving reflections (even of your own).

Avoid sharp edges of all kinds – rectangular tables, edgy sofas or armchairs, even plants with sharp leaves. Pieces with oval shapes bring a peaceful and balanced atmosphere to the room. It is not a coincidence we call it the “cycle of life” or we refer to most natural things as “cycle”. This is because the round shape symbolizes eternity and ideal harmony. Therefore, choosing soft rounded edges for the pieces of furniture and decoration in your room will stimulate the positive energy cycle. 

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