Door repairs in London

Door repairs in London

Entrance doors are important because they give the first impression of your home and are the only protection that protects your home from thieves.

Door repairs in London

The outer door of any home must be stronger and more secure to protect your home from burglary. The other criteria you need to consider when choosing your new front door are to be very well heat and sound insulated and at the same time to fit into the interior design of the room and the common parts of the building.

For higher protection against breaking, the front doors are also armored. There is a huge variety of armored front doors on the market, which can satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Door repairs – Strength

All armored doors have a solid metal base with a thickness of several millimeters, which prevents the door from breaking. It is not visible because it is hidden in the heart of the door and lined on top. The base may consist of one or more metal sheets.

Locking system

The quality armored doors have a multi-point locking system, which means that when locked, many spikes enter the frame – both from the lock and on the entire side of the door against the lock, as well as at the top and bottom of the door. From the side of the hinges there are often so-called passive spikes that always protrude and enter the door frame when closed, preventing breakage.

Aesthetics and design

The materials used for the exterior cladding are diverse and here everyone shows their personal preferences. Most often, armored doors come with MDF-laminated coating, which are mounted on a metal base and which form the outer visible part of the door. They are colored and possibly milled with different shapes and ornaments to give style and design. Recently, models with colors and patterns resembling different tree species have become relevant. They are beautiful and stylish and come in a huge variety.

The metal base may simply be painted, or the MDF coating may not be laminated, but veneered with natural veneer for aesthetics and design.

Door repairs – Armor against breaking

In addition to the armor of the door, there is also an armor of the cartridge, which protects it from piercing.

We perform repairs and maintenance of all types of security shutters, garage and industrial doors, portal doors, barriers, interior doors, bathroom doors and more.

The repair team is equipped with all the necessary tools, parts and specialized transport and can eliminate any damage, difficulties in operation or perform maintenance of the facility. In addition to repair and maintenance, customers can receive advice on proper maintenance and operation, repair or replacement of parts, installation of automatic drive, installation or unification of remote controls and access control systems, alarm and safety.

Repairs and maintenance of:

  • garage doors (roller, sectional, flying wing)
  • security shutters
  • roller blinds
  • patio doors – hinged and sliding gates
  • industrial doors – roller and sectional
  • interior doors
  • bathroom doors

Repairs include replacement of balancing springs, repair or replacement of electric motors, automation and control systems, replacement of locks, replacement of damaged sections or slats of doors, replacement of guides and other door elements.

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