Don’t miss a spot! Which spots we always forget to clean?

Let’s say it out loud – few people actually enjoy cleaning. Most of us do it out of necessity rather than desire. This is why we don’t like to spend much of our free time on it and we dedicate a specific amount of hours only. When the dedicated time is coming to an end, we tend to rush the process and we often forget some hidden spots, that we only find out once in a while and when we do – it’s not a pretty picture! Here we’ll just remind you of some of the spots that are most likely to be forgotten when cleaning the house.

Of course, the first one would be under the furniture. Nobody likes to move the heavy sofa or king bed when vacuuming. And why would we do that if we never really see that spot!? However, there can be a whole plantation of dust, bacteria and viruses, so “deep-vacuuming” once in a while would be a great idea to keep the room fresher. Hiring a professional cleaning company would ensure the cleaning beneath the heaviest objects.

Another place we barely look at is beneath the fridge. It is very common that there are small leaks from it or from the foods in it, which overtime become a big mess. Include the floor underneath the fridge in your deep-cleaning checklist. The dirt there might be a reason to get roaches in the kitchen and that’s the least you want!

Cleaning the toilet is honestly unpleasant, so we often just want to get over with it and forget to clean behind it! It is a very important spot for the overall hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom. It also contributes to avoiding persistent smells. But it is something surely you would leave for the professional cleaner to do!

The dishwasher is the life-saving appliance for any modern family, saving time and money, being more environmentally friendly and mostly – letting us relax after dinner rather than washing dirty pots and pans! It is technically washing itself when it washes the dishes, but it is a very good practice to sanitize it once in a while. If it has a self-cleaning programme, don’t forget to use it frequently to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, who love the warm and humid spots!

One of the dirtiest things in your home is the trash bin. But how often do you clean it? Usually, we only take the trash out and then place a new bag (ignoring the unpleasant smells and trying to mask them with no-rinse sprays). This is a crucial spot in the kitchen that MUST be regularly cleaned – it contains the leftovers of foods, which can stay there for days and are the best welcome for all kinds of bugs. Washing and sanitizing the bin would keep those guys away and it will prevent unwanted smells in your kitchen.

We spend so much money on dental health, but we typically forget to clean one of the dirtiest spots in our bathroom, which the toothbrush has contact with – the toothbrush holder. Some of us have a special holder, others use one of their cups or glasses from Ikea, but regardless it is a spot that must be cleaned as much as possible. Some studies suggest that the toothbrush holder tends to accommodate almost as much bacteria as the toilet seat. Quite disgusting, isn’t it? So don’t forget to properly wash and sanitize that spot, when cleaning the bathroom! Or best: hire a professional cleaner to regularly clean those spots, so they are never missed!

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