Copying chips and cards. Everything about keyless entry systems.

Everything about keyless entry systems. Professional Locksmith Services.

If you or your staff remain locked out of your premises, lose your key, or are held hostage to old, wayward and damaged locks and locks, we can help. Our fantastic locksmith team provides professional installation, opening, repair or replacement of any type of locking mechanisms.

Keyless systems.

Sometimes keyless door unlocking systems can be more difficult to install, as many retain a key emergency access slot. Such keyless systems are usually sought by individuals who prefer maximum protection against lock damage. Some keyless entry systems integrate with common intelligent home smart automation systems to provide a high-tech way to unlock the door, provide access to visitors and monitor their activities.


Are widely used in locking access control systems. These chips can come in a variety of shapes and colours, such as a credit card, key chain, bracelet or even a sticker. Each chip carries unique information, which is previously stored in a control system with which the chip will work. Then, through a special reader, the information is read and verified with the data stored in the system and in case of coincidence, an action is allowed or forbidden to be performed. The chips are widely used in unlocking front doors, intercom systems, elevator control, access control in various rooms of business and public buildings, schools, parking lots, industrial buildings, logistics centres, office buildings and more. The important thing is that by copying an identical chip is created and it is recognized as the same by the system. As a result, the system will detect the original and copied chip as the same. In each of our professional locksmiths have the necessary technique for copying chips. To make a copy you need to bring a chip or card from which to copy. The blank media on which it is copied have different shapes and colours, thus offering the greatest possible choice.


Cards are a variety of chips and are very convenient for a room that is used by many people such as banks, schools, block entrances, elevators, office buildings, rooms, barriers and all other cases where it is appropriate to avoid making keys. One of their main advantages is the ability to give and take access very easily with special software for this purpose. Copying is done quickly with a special device for copying chips and cards. When duplicating, the media frequency is copied and saved on a new card, which becomes fully functional. For the services described above you can rely on our fantastic team of locksmiths.

Handling many keys can become a significant problem. Keys can be lost or duplicated too easily, as it is possible, and often your employees simply forget to return them. Ensuring the security of a commercial space, as well as the protection of your staff and the access of your customers are a top priority for any business. Our fantastic locksmith team delivers, installs and maintains keyless mechanical and digital security entry systems. These systems, capable of supporting more than 10,000 different user codes that can be easily changed or deleted, provide a high level of security adaptability in places with a large flow of people, such as shops, hotels and offices.

No more worries about keyless entry systems. Our fantastic locksmith team is here to help you with everything related to the locksmith business.

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