10 tips on how to organize the relocation of the company to a new office – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  • Estimate exactly how long it will take you to move. This will need to be discussed with the moving company that will help you move or with the company’s managers. For a smaller office you will need at least three months of preparation, and for a medium to large office, at least six to eight months. It is important to start relocation preparation as early as possible. The next step is to gather information about the new place. You need a diagram of the room, which describes where the contacts are located, where the warehouses are located, etc. This will help you decide how you will arrange your new office. Make a list of potential problems that your new office has. Such as a smaller reception desk or less storage space. Your new office may have more space, which will require more desks or temporary walls. You may need to hire carpenters and painters if you need to build temporary walls and paint. This problem may have been noted when you bought or rented the space, but just rest assured that there will be no need for repairs. after moving.
  • Medium to large offices, we recommend that you ask for volunteers, per person per department. This way there will be people in charge of moving to all parts of the office. The people in charge of relocation may have the task of monitoring the packaging of each employee’s desks. In small offices, the number of people in charge of relocation will be smaller.
  • If you have frequent office meetings on a schedule, don’t forget to remind your employees about the upcoming move. On what date it will take place and what will be their duties on the day itself. It is very important that everyone is informed to minimize worries. regarding office relocation.
  • Have relocation managers make a list of tasks that need to be completed. These tasks must then be added to the relocation schedule. You will need special services such as, installation of telephone lines and computer network specialists. Ask each manager of the different departments what will be needed for their space. Make sure other areas are secured such as the lobby, reception and warehouses. One of the most important parts of office relocation is to hire movers. There are companies that have many years of experience in moving offices such as premestime.com. Just be sure that you have done the necessary research, asked the right questions and made the moving company come and make a preliminary inspection. You need to make sure that you can rely on the moving company and that you will get the best service for the price. You can give this task to several people each calling different companies and then compare the information gathered. Start early so you can get the best price.
  • Contact sheet

You need to make sure that your business contacts are informed about your office relocation. Give detailed information to your customers and other business contacts where exactly you are moving on which date and how your business will operate during the relocation. Providing this information is very important, because otherwise you may lose a customer as he seeks your services from your competitor.

If you need assistance throughout the organization and relocation of your office, you can count on our experience and professionalism.

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