Fresh Food in London With a Fridge Cleaning Service

Fridge Cleaners in LondonYour fridge has not seen a cleaning cloth since a while? You have not defrosted it and now the ice block inside looks like it is about to break Titanic? Do not worry about it and call us at 020 3868 3533. We will make sure your freezing appliances are restored to their original shine! No more smells, ice and moisture. Get ready for a fresh and clean fridge and food!

The place where you store your fresh food must be grime-free in order to keep everything you put inside in the best condition possible. Sometimes maintaining your fridge fresh can get a little messy, especially for people with busy schedules or shared appliances. And even when you decide to clean it choosing the right detergents that are safe for using near food is a tricky part. This is where we can help you with our handy fridge cleaning service. Trust in the professionals to do the job for you, no hassle and time wasted! All you have to do is call us and ask for a free price estimate.

  • No hidden fees: we never ask for deposits or unexpected fees. Our conditions are completely transparent;
  • Discount opportunities: maybe you also need window or oven cleaning? By blending any of our services together you will be able to get a lower end price;
  • Booking options: choose the most suitable day and time for you when booking us. We work every day with no extra charge for bank holidays or weekends;
  • Up-to-date methods: our techniques and cleaning solutions are modern and always give us satisfying results;
  • Adept team: every one of our cleaners is experienced and prepared to do his job perfectly. They are also completely vetted and have insurance;
  • Eco-friendly: all of our detergents are health approved and safe for your family and pets;
  • 24/7 customer care: our customer care representatives are always ready to answer your inquires;
About The Service

London Freezer and Fridge CleaningOur cleaning technicians will take apart your fridge and make sure they can access every inch of the inside and outside surfaces. All removed components will be soaked in a gentle, eco-friendly detergent that will melt away any dirt. At the same time all the accumulated grime inside the fridge will be wiped down and removed. The end results is a clean, odour-free fridge, ready for using again.

Your Cleaners

You should expect our cleaners to arrive at your address at the time you chose for your service. They will bring all the needed equipment and cleaning solutions with them. Our team is friendly and communicative. You can ask them questions about how to maintain your fridge fresh for longer.


The fees for your refrigerator cleaning in London start at just £19. You can also have your kitchen cleaned to perfection or deeply scrubbing your barbecue for a great new price and a spotless outcome.

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