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Cardboard Boxes For Storage and Relocation in LondonYou need someone to help you with your relocation immediately? Call for professionals to handle your packing tasks for you. Make the whole process far less stressful than you expect it to be. Have your peace of mind, comforted by the knowledge that all is secured and that your belongings are protected by insurance. You may be lacking the time for this part, or you maybe have left everything to the last minute – we are here to help you, not to evaluate your organisation. Act now for your reliable packing services in London with One Brand Services and forget about the pressure this task includes. Our experienced movers get everything loaded into the sturdy boxes for the move out day. Nothing is left behind or left unfastened. Every item will be placed where it belongs. We also use ramps, ropes and other pieces of equipment for the transportation.

You don’t have to postpone even for a minute. Your move-out day will be much easier with our top-notch help. Call 020 3868 3533 today and your removals company will arrive at your property to help you with all that packing and provide you with durable cardboard boxes. There’s no obligation to book us if you simply have questions about our prices, terms and conditions. All you need to tell us is the size and scale of your relocation.

  • Let us do the packing for you and get covered by a insurance while your possessions are transported;
  • You will have the service you need when you need it, available seven days a week, even on holidays;
  • High-quality packing materials and boxes, suitable for removals and storage;
  • Expert movers, properly trained for all phases of the task;
  • Get your special offers by scheduling two or more services together;
  • We have 24/7 customer support;
  • Get your personal price estimates, without obligations;
About The Service

Tape for Packing Services in LondonIn case you need help with just selecting the boxes and wrapping materials, you can have them delivered at a designated time for you at your chosen address. Request any type of packing materials you need. For instance, small, large and wardrobe cardboard boxes, durable enough to keep your belongings safe. Or, vinyl tape, that is practically the most used item when packing your stuff. We can also get you bubble wrap and wrapping paper to protect your fragile possessions. For every scenario you need us – a self removal job or house removals, we are eager to provide a helping hand.

Your Packers

Wapping Materials and Supplies in LondonGet your quality packing accessories for any type of move, shipping or storage. The variety of different materials at your disposal covers every scenario and ensures the complete safety of your items. You can rely on our professionals for smooth packing. They have all passed through comprehensive training and vetting.


The fees for your packing service in London start at £13 per hour per man, the minimum is 3 hours. Whenever you need boxes and packing materials delivered from us, please specify the type and quantity of materials you need. This way we can provide an accurate quote for your service.

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